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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Terms and Conditions for using this site?

– Your site does not contain any popups 
– Your site does not contain any message boxes 
– 100000 hits is for only one website
– Your site does not contain inappropriate content 
– Your site does not have frames 
– Your site does not use script rotation 

Please note: We can not guarantee sales, optics, signups, because visitors  must decide on his own wither to act or not. Just as we can not force you to buy this auction. You must decide and Your site must sell itself.


We don’t sell here youtube views etc. We don’t give guarantee that you will see all visitors from us if you will use Google Analytic.

NO ADULT or Illegal sites will be considered for these 10,000 hits to your website.

We do not recommend google ad-sense and analytic to check stats! 

After the purchase, when only the main admin will accept the URL (usually from 1 hour to 2, 3 working days), we will inform you by email.

If your will not happy let us know and we will refund you or add more hits.

If you have questions, please ask.